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Over time, this blog has built up a lot of posts.  That makes it a chore to find topics. So here's a grouped index to help. At present, I haven't done the entire blog, but recent posts are shown first, working backwards from the present.  

Lives in Music Podcasts

all with show notes and music links

Series 3

1 - Richard March from PWEI to Tonight Matthew
2 - Vo Fletcher + Loz Kingsley: 45 years (and counting) of guitar fabness
3 - Renny Jackson: a brummy singer-songwriter in Sevilla
4 - Ross Grant: Around The World In 80 Plays - global collaboration and more
5 - Sid Peacock and Ruth Angell: a powerhouse music couple
6 - Kris Halpin: disability, music tech and boundless creativity

Series 2 

1 - Brian Travers of UB40
2 - Ricky Cool
3 - Mark 'Foxy' Robinson of the CBSO
4 - Roy Adams (Climax Blues Band, Roy Wood, half a dozen other bands)
5 - Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios
6 - 
John Mostyn
7 - Stewart Johnson: taking UK Country back across the pond
8 - Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention
9 - Roy Willams (JB's, Little Acre, Weapon of Peace, Robert Plant)

10 - Simon Duggal (Simon & Diamond: Swami, Apache Indian, Shania Twain, Desi Beats)

Series 1

1 - Ruby Turner 
2 - Steve Ajao
3 - The Men who make Mellotrons
4 - 
Mike Hatton

5 - Horace Panter

Jasper Carott 

7 - Sam Slater
8 - John Patrick
9 - Gordon Giltrap
10 Jim Simpson


That nice radio interview you've done? Upcycle it to video
BRMB Stories: working the Late Show
BRMB Stories: The night Judas Priest blew up Barbarellas
I've been digging in my cuttings files
What BRMB meant, then, when it launched
Ed Doolan - an appreciation

Shame and Scandal: a game of reputations
The BBC: DG Hall takes the pressure off Local Radio, and not before time

What happened in the noughties - tech, the web and ugly thinking
You don't hear protest songs on the radio these days...

45 years ago today: a first radio gig. WPHD-FM, Buffalo, New York
Clowns to the left of them, Jokers to the right: the BBC in the middle
Why writers and poets make great broadcasters

The BBC's Digital future in Brum????
Brum Radio

Beeb in Brum for the Music Awards / Introducing
The BBC Trust consultation - The beeb now and in the future
Bulgarian Radio in 1993

A Birmingham Broadcast Trail
Hyping and payola - a grand tradition that's moved on

Music and musicians

Moseley Folk 2018 and its admirable support for local talent
Chris Bowden - wait 22 years and 2 albums come along at once
Paul Murphy's short stories
The for-Wards project and Bobbie-Jane Gardner

BRMB Stories: The night Judas Priest blew up Barbarellas
A conversation with Music: Gordon Giltrap
Paul Murphy with Ragman Jones - a last recording
Dempsey Broughton
Chris Bowden: the story of the story

Royalties - what's mine is mine... sometimes
Onstage chemistry. I had NO idea

A Fairport Alumnus in trouble: Jerry Donahue
Clare Edwards - Notorious 20th birthday gig and the business of choirs
Jim's Jam - remembering Jim Hickman
Where have all the protest songs gone?
Surinder Sandhu

Steve Broughton Lunt:  what happened after City Boy?
Joe Broughton and the Folk Ensemble
Ryan Webb of Rhino and the Ranters: a catch-up
The rebirth of Rich Bitch
Festivals: Mud and debauchery! Which ones do right by local musos?
Weird on Purpose: a Birmingham compilation
Horace Panter of the Specials and a lot more
Pete Williams
Call Me Unique
Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff

Paul Murphy
Tom Walker
Richard March, his wandering double bass, and the kindness of strangers

Terry and Gerry
The brilliant Levitate video
Hannah Brown and BBC Introducing
Roy and Jaki Davis at Madhouse
Kim Lowings

Ruby Turner and Chris Cleverley on recording approaches
Kris Halpin
Catherine Howe and Vo Fletcher
Boat To Row
Open Mic

Goodnight Lenin

The Destroyers
Horace Panter and The Specials
Pete Williams
Rhino And The. Ranters
Curtis Little
Ricky Cool and the In Crowd
Kris Halpin
Trevor Burton
Tom Peel

Raymond Froggatt
Dan Whitehouse and Chris Tye
Ruby Turner
Erica Nockalls, art and albums
Sam Redmore
Busking - Spence Cater
Terry and Gerry
Surinder Sandhu
LIttle Acre: Jim Hickman
Skyping Sid Peacock in China
Miles Hunt, Erica Knockalls and The Wonder Stuff
BlueBeat Arkestra
Sarah-Anne Cromwell: Diva!
Layla Tutt and Surinder Sandhu

Crowd Out: Simon Halsey and Clare Edwards
The Old Dance School

Electric Swing Circus
Goodnight Lenin
The Beat goes on - three ways

David Campbell: the other Campbell brother
St Patrick's 2014
Neon Hearts - Big In Japan
Boat To Row
Joan Armatrading

Brothers Groove
Urban Folk Quartet

Cannon Street
Redbeards From Texas
Police Bastard and Johnny Doom
Joanne Shaw Taylor

Pete Nickless and Culture Shock 2013
Dan Whitehouse
Ruby Turner
The acts you missed if you showed up late at Moseley Folk

The Details
Brian Travers - UB40

Ben Drummond and James Summerfield
Ian Danter
Jasper Carott

Simon Fowler - Ocean Colour Scene
Boat To Row
Dave Wakelin - The Beat

Birmingham Jazz players
Erica Nockalls: attitude with violins
KK Downing - Judas Priest
Pauline Black - The Selecter
Toy Hearts head to Austin
George Barnett at Abbey Road
UB40's Earl Falconer
Electric Swing Circus
Grey Goose Band and Big Man Clayton

Where are the new Rock acts?

360 in sessionSteve Gibbons and John Caswell
Steve Ajao and Ade Wakelin

Music business 


Promoters and Venues

Infrastructure, studios and Tech


Photography and images

In memoriam

Paul Murphy


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