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"If you haven't had a chance yet, here's a link to the Lives in Music series. There are a lot of fascinating insights into the Midlands music scene. Do check it out if you can."   Ricky Cool from Ricky Cool and the In Crowd
"What a gem of local (and let's face it, international) music heritage. Robin... has a natural style which brings out the very best of Pegg's brilliant life story, one anecdote after another..."     Pete Millington of Spaghetti Gazetti on the Dave Pegg interview.

We're not here forever. But we can still bring pleasure, and leave our mark.

Early in 2016, the incomparable 
Paul Murphy left us. I owe Paul a profound debt, which I partially explained in a blog post.

That same year, 
awful news reached us about the wonderful guitarist Jerry Donahue, who suffered a massive stroke in 2016. I blogged about this too. Since then I've been to a string of funerals: people who gave me joy in so many ways. Wonderful musicians, great contributors and enablers. Too many leaving us too early.

Now it gets better... 

So far, so grim. But, turning to the positive, I realised that many of the gigs I go to are by people, often veterans at the top of their game. Wonderful musos, who've spent their lives playing and growing. They may not be famous and celebrated - some of them are, of course - but they give of themselves for the pleasure of it all, for the love of making live music.  

So I decided to do something about it. These people deserve a tip of the hat.  My thinking crystallised in early 2019. I wanted to honour some of the musicians and music people who have given me such pleasure down the years. 

Step forward: the podcast

I am now interviewing, and from that producing, podcasts devoted to some of the brilliant people I've loved and grooved to, or with. I work in batches of ten, a series at a time. It's a lot of work, but it's truly, truly worth it. I hope to complete maybe four series a year. That only scratches the surface. 

Find them all here

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