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mick said...
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David Headon said...

Hi Robin,

Im Canadian musician and writer David Headon.
below is a Dropbox link to a concert revue of Saturdays Honeyblood gig in Digbeth, with opening act PINS.

find me here-

let me know what you think, thanks! DAvid-

Unknown said...

Remember the BRMB days as introduced us to Aerosmith’s Toys, Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell and the Boston debut. Sad to see Ed Doolan pass away today.

Unknown said...

Remember the BRMB Rock Show broadcast between 7-10 I think. First time in heard Aerosmith’s Toys, Bat Out Of Hell by Meatlof
and the massive Boston debut. Lucky to win several competition for concert tickets and used to be a regular at Barbarellas to see the
local talent like City Boy, Hooker, Big Front Yard, Money, Slender Loris and many others.

Sad to see Ed Doohlan pass away today.