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A West Midlands YouTube Top 50 - August 2016.

The 8th bi-annual Radio To Go video survey

Late August. Time to check who is doing well on YouTube. There are interesting conclusions to be drawn:
  • The enduring appeal of some music genres
  • huge generational distance between different sets of fans
  • Maybe suspicious increases in numbers - you'll have to work that one out for yourself, but the numbers are there
  • changing of the guard near the top. 
We still have the same leader as in February, but the appeal of her format may be on the wane. Details after the jump...

House Rules

  • Videos must be less than three years old
  • The top two best-performing videos in that time-frame count
  • I do this on my own; I am fallible. I may have missed you. If so, tell me and I will fix asap.
  • Official videos only.
  • Viewing numbers were researched midweek last week

Goodbye and hello

Recession-hit local acts at the lower levels of the chart are simply not making as many videos. So we've lost a few. That said, there are a big number of new entries - congratulations go to
  • Pleasure House
  • Urban Folk Quartet
  • Laurence Jones 
  • Ed Geater 
  • Beverley Knight 
  • Jorja Smith
And welcome back to old warhorses:
  • Magnum
  • The Enemy 
  • Dexys

Enduring veterans

  • Editors are slipping a bit, but, with their followers, that's not really a matter of concern. 
  • Napalm Death release fresh material; their global fan base has rushed to view it. 
  • UB40 have hit some serious heights with a low-budget video shot live on tour. It's precisely because they have toured so hard in the past two years that they have hit 4 in the chart. 
  • Robert Plant carries on serenely. But of course.

Breakthrough time

  • Mahalia goes top 10. Fantastic - well done! 
  • Call Me Unique goes top 20 - again, a great performance. 
  • Plus, look at Jacob Banks and Jorja Smith, both seriously on the up. 

How do you grow from Lady Leshurr's heights?

OK. This is the big one. There is no getting around it. Lady Leshurr has, again, crushed it with two of her Queen's Speech video series. These videos are like broadcasts - they come out on a regular basis, they follow much the same visual format and the subject matter strikes a big chord with Lady Leshurr's audience. 

Lady Leshurr has more views that the rest of the chart put together.

Despite this extraordinary performance, I just wonder how much steam there is left in this format. Queen's Speech 5 has done phenomenal business, but it hasn't topped the amazing numbers for Queen's Speech 4. Lady Leshurr's latest pure music video does nowhere near as well, so doesn't show up on this chart. But she would still be one of the very best-performing artists if you discounted the Queen's Speech series.  

And now, the charts

First, the basic rankings....

Artist Video 1 Video 2 Total
Lady Leshurr Queens Speech 5 Queens Speech 4 46,695,471
Jacob Banks Worthy Love Me (with Wide Awake) 4,605,601
Editors Sugar No Harm 3,404,955
UB40 Blue Eyes Cryin' In the Rain  - 2,355,771
Robert Plant Rainbow Little Maggie 2,277,755
Peace Money Lost On Me 1,815,802
Laura Mvula Overcome Phenomenal Woman 1,797,339
Oceans Ate Alaska Vultures and Sharks Blood Brothers 1,742,838
Mahalia We The Generation (With Rudimental) Borrowers (Mahogany session) 895,265
Napalm Death Breed To Breathe Smash A Single Digit 817,272

Jorja Smith Where Did I Go? Blue Lights 795,246
Tom Aspaul Better By Your Side (with Aeble) Do It Well (with Xyconstant) 776,215
Broken Witt Rebels Guns Shake Me Down 500,133
Radio Riddler/Ali Campbell Purple Rain  - 490,924
Mr Switch DMC Championships 2014  - 478,461
Claire Maguire Elizabeth Taylor Don't Mess Me Around 347,067
Jaws Think Too Much Feel Too Little Little Be Slowly 301,095
Superfood Mood Bomb TV 299,283
Call Me Unique Time To Love Sholow 235,938
Anaal Nakraath Idol  - 233,754

Swim Deep Namaste Fuieho Boogie 189,287
Ekkah Last Chance To Dance Small Talk 178,126
The Enemy It's Automatic Don't Let Nothing Get In The Way 107,367
Dexys Both Sides Now Carrickfergus 96,376
Stone Foundation The Way I Want To Live My Life Beverley 87,658
Scott Matthews Elusive Let's Get You Home 79,719
Beverley Knight Middle Of Love I Can't Stand The Rain 65,215
Rebecca Downes Basement Of My Heart Messed Up 62,501
Swami Do It Again  - 59,271
Magnum Crazy Old Mothers  - 51,379

The Wonder Stuff Circlesquare Oh No! 50,536
Midnight Bonfires Lights Out Exhale 47,425
God Damn Dead To Me Shoe Prints In The Dust 43,143
Troumaca The Grace Trees 38,828
Lion Art + Friendly Fire Band Run Away  - 30,624
The Twang New Love  - 29,681
Laurence Jones Got No Place To Go Touch Your Moonlight 26,303
Dissident Prophet Human 2.0 Writing on the wall 22,412
Juice Sugar Acid Kids 20,019
Matthew Socci Pour Out On Zion Injustice Original 19,767

Dead Sea Skulls I Wanna Buy A Rolex Absent Ones 18,190
Jet Pack Heat Of The Moment Back To Life 18,020
Victories At Sea Low Up 17,802
Ed Geater Steady Strides (Enigma Dubz) Don't Think 17,420
Electric Swing Circus Swingamajig retrospective  - 15,847
Johnny Foreigner If you can't be honest be awesome Le Schwing 15,296
Urban Folk Quartet 2014 – New Line up video  - 12,242
Pleasure House Blow My Mind Sunrise 11,932
Under A Banner Back To The Sea Numbers 10,639
Boat To Row Tightrope Whistle and I'll come to you 10,443

Two subsidiary charts

Here are the biggest increases in viewing numbers...

Artist Change
Lady Leshurr 16,489,548
Jacob Banks 3,011,754
Jorja Smith 795,246
UB40 777,867
Broken Witt Rebels 468,863
Napalm Death 412,992
Mahalia 329,378
Oceans Ate Alaska 327,560
Claire Maguire 160,706
Robert Plant 158,582
And here is the biggest increase in percentage terms, which can be looked several ways, depending on the acts' placings in the main chart. 

Artist Percent
Broken Witt Rebels 1499.40%
Jacob Banks 188.96%
Call Me Unique 137.40%
Napalm Death 102.15%
Claire Maguire 86.23%
Mahalia 58.21%
Lady Leshurr 54.59%
UB40 49.30%
Johnny Foreigner 48.29%
Jaws 42.09%


There is still a huge huge gap between the million viewers club and the new boys working their way up. But it can be bridged. There are very new acts gaining traction without a lot of help from record companies. And you don't need a big production to get big scores.

Let's see where the firecrackers on this chart are in six months, shall we?

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